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About a year ago, I started thinking carefully about what I needed to do to stay safe on the road. I started focusing carefully on going through and working to get assigned places that were close to my house, but I knew that I would eventually be asked to work at a far away office. To make sure that my travels were safe and successful, I talked with a professional towing services company about how they could help. They set up an account for me and gave me a list of their services, and the first time I worked with them, it was simple and convenient. Check out this blog for more information.


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Times To Have Your Car Towed To The Mechanic Rather Than Driving It To The Shop

It seems like cars have an amazing ability to keep plugging along even when they're in need of repairs. However, a breakdown is bound to happen sooner or later if you don't maintain your car properly. Even a new car can develop problems out of the blue that need emergency care. The question is whether it's safe to drive your car to the mechanic or if you should have it towed to the shop. Here are some times when it's best to have your car towed.

The Brakes Aren't Catching

Brakes usually give a lot of warning before they fail. If you've ignored the grinding and metal scraping noises and now it feels like your brakes aren't catching even when you press the pedal to the floor, you shouldn't drive your car. You might have enough braking power to stop at lights, but if you need to make a sudden stop, your brakes may fail and cause an accident.

The Windshield Is Cracked

You can probably arrange to have a windshield replaced at your home or place of work rather than having the car towed to the shop. If your car is in an unsafe position, or if roadside repairs aren't possible, you may need to have your car towed in to have the windshield replaced. Driving with a damaged windshield is not safe because the cracks obstruct your view. Also, the cracks affect the stability of the glass. The glass holds up the roof of the car and if the glass breaks easily because it is cracked, you could receive a serious injury if you're in an accident. Plus, hitting a bump or braking hard could cause the windshield to shatter further and fall out. Driving with a cracked windshield is illegal too and you could be fined if you're caught.

Fluid Is Leaking Out

If you notice a puddle of fluid under your car, it may be best to have the car towed to the shop to be checked out. If the fluid is oil, transmission fluid, or brake fluid, you might damage your car by driving it with low fluid levels. Plus, your car may not handle properly and cause you to have an accident or the car may die on the way to the shop. Water leaking from the underside may be coming from the air conditioner and it's not a problem. If the fluid has a dark or pink color, or if it has an odor of oil or gas, it's a cause for concern and something a mechanic should check out.

In addition, when your car is having obvious signs of distress such as smoke billowing from under the hood or strong vibrations or loud noises when you drive, then you should leave the car parked and call for a tow truck. You have your safety to consider as well as the protection of the car. Driving the car when it is malfunctioning could cause more expensive damage to occur. If you're ever in doubt about driving your car, call a mechanic for advice or call a tow truck, such as from Darryll's Towing, just to be safe.