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About a year ago, I started thinking carefully about what I needed to do to stay safe on the road. I started focusing carefully on going through and working to get assigned places that were close to my house, but I knew that I would eventually be asked to work at a far away office. To make sure that my travels were safe and successful, I talked with a professional towing services company about how they could help. They set up an account for me and gave me a list of their services, and the first time I worked with them, it was simple and convenient. Check out this blog for more information.


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Towing Tips For Heavy Vehicles

When it comes to towing heavy vehicles such as heavy-duty trailers, boats, and other vehicles, there are numerous auto towing basics that you should know. Indeed, towing heavy vehicles may have risks in terms life and property, but the intimidation and fear are reduced by careful research, following the rules, and doing the best practices.

Here are some auto towing tips for heavy vehicles:

Legal Considerations

The biggest factor for towing heavy vehicles is its legal implications. Aside from avoiding serious criminal cases due to Law of Negligence and accompanying financial fines, legal considerations ensure that all safety precautions are in place. If your vehicle's owners manual requires you to do or have something, make sure that you do so. Follow certain weight limitations and driving instructions not only to avoid serious liabilities but to also ensure yours and other road users' safety.

Proper Set-Up

The proper towing set-up also matters when towing heavy vehicles. Check the tires, tire pressure, hoses, belts, spring hangers, fluid levels, and other parts and gears that you need to check. All cargo and gears must be stored appropriately. All gears, screws, and bolts must be installed the way they are instructed to be. It will take less than 10 minutes to double check if all parts are working but it will surely save you from all the troubles and problems that you'll encounter along the road if you fail to do so.

Safety Accessories

You should also equip yourself with safety accessories when trying to auto towing heavy vehicles. One safety accessory that you should own when trying to tow heavy vehicles is a tire pressuring monitoring system. This apparatus helps you reduce tire wear and improves the fuel efficiency of your car. Without the proper tire pressure, you may end up having a blown up tire across the asphalt. Not only will this put you into an inconvenient delay, but may also put your life and other road users.

Towing Speed

Towing speed is also another factor that you should never disregard when towing heavy vehicles. Legally, you should follow certain speed limits that differ from one state to another. However, apart from the legalities, slowing down is beneficial for your fuel economy. According to EPA, 65-mph speed is a fuel-efficient speed when trying to tow a heavy vehicle. If you drive at 70-mph, fuel economy falls about 1.5 mpg and drive another 5-mph faster, and you lose another 1.5 mpg.

Follow these auto towing tips concerning legal considerations, set-up, safety accessories, and speed, and you'll surely finish you auto towing activity safely. Auto towing, especially if it involves heavy vehicles, is far from being intuitive. Be certain about the specifics, follow the rules, and be keen to check and double-check your set-up to stay sane and safe.

Contact a local towing service for more information and assistance.