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About a year ago, I started thinking carefully about what I needed to do to stay safe on the road. I started focusing carefully on going through and working to get assigned places that were close to my house, but I knew that I would eventually be asked to work at a far away office. To make sure that my travels were safe and successful, I talked with a professional towing services company about how they could help. They set up an account for me and gave me a list of their services, and the first time I worked with them, it was simple and convenient. Check out this blog for more information.


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3 Tips For Safely Getting Your Car To Safety

If your car breaks down, and you need a tow, there are a few things you can to do ensure that your car makes it safely back to safety. You should change any flat tires before having your vehicle towed, know what type of tow truck will work best for your vehicle, and use a respected towing company.

Know What Type of Tow Truck You Need

There are a variety of different types of tow trucks that a towing company could potentially send to pick up your vehicle. Different cars are set up different ways for towing. Some vehicles are specially equipped with tow hooks under the front bumper in order to allow towing via safety straps. Other cars need to be towed on a flatbed.

You should be able to figure out how your car is set up and what the best type of towing is for your vehicle by consulting your safety manual. Knowing the type of tow truck, you need will allow you to provide the tow truck company with the right information so that they send the right type of tow truck out to you in the first place. Having this information will help the tow truck company and will help ensure that your vehicle is safely transported.

Fix Any Flat Tires Before Towing

If you have a flat tire on your vehicle, make sure that you call a towing company that offers additional roadside assistance services as well, such as helping you change a tire. If you have a flat tire, you are going to want to change out the flat tire and put on a spare before your vehicle is hooked up to be towed away.

There are a couple of benefits of changing any flat tires before your vehicle is towed. To start with, towing your vehicle with a flat tire will put extra pressure on your rims, which could leave you with not only a flat tire, but a bent rim that needs to be replaced as well.

Second, your tires will help absorb the impact and movement of your vehicle while it is being towed. If your tires are flat or not inflated equally, the body of your vehicle is going to absorb more of the impact of your vehicle being towed. Your vehicle will be balanced better when it has four properly inflated tires on it.

Use A Respected Towing Company

Finally, when you break down on the side of the road, don't just call any towing company. Call a towing company that is respected in the area and that has a solid reputation. You want to use a towing company that is going to send and experienced driver along with a mechanic to pick up your vehicle.

When your vehicle breaks down, it helps to know what type of tow truck you need and it helps to fix any flats you have before having your vehicle towed. 

Contact a company like Naylor  Towing to learn more.